meet Our Team

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Joey is the owner of Pulse. His lifelong mission is to help carry on the family legacy his Mom (Jodi) created. She recently passed away, but her spirit & vision live on and her heart still beats inside all of us. Joey's vision is to bring connection, emotion, honesty, integrity and value to every couple that has the opportunity to work with Pulse. Joey is superb at wearing multiple hats and always maintains an upbeat, can-do attitude.


Our Lead DJ (Roe) has been with Utopia/Pulse for since 2004. Roe started as a dancer and quickly graduated to an Emcee, but his true passion -- where he found his love, was behind the DJ booth on the turntables. Our talent keeps us alive and we're thankful Roe has played such an integral role in our company for over a decade. Roe decided to become a DJ when he attended a friends wedding and heard terrible music. He redefines the definition of "DJ." Roe currently manages and employs only DJ's that pass his litmus test..


Matt is our creative director and cinematographer. With sixteen years in filmmaking, his creative attention to detail will ensure your memory lives on though your keepsake, forever. Matt shoots on RED cameras, the same cameras used on nearly every Hollywood set.

Because of the quality of his work, Matt is flown all over the country to shoot for networks such as “Discovery Channel” and “Velocity.”

Matt’s experience, professionalism and keen eye will give you a wedding video you will be proud to show for generations.

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Melissa has a background in fashion and entertainment. She's extremely organized, professional and fun. She recently applied for the Bachelor in her search for true love, and she's guaranteed to help you plan the most amazing day of your life. Her attention to detail and organizational skills will help in making your event effortless.



Jordi has a background in planning concerts and non-profit events, specifically at the University of Missouri, where she helped raise over $1,000,000 for Children's Miracle Network through the University Dance Marathon. Jordi loves music and creating a space where people  live out the event of their dreams. Jordi is ready to help co-create your perfect wedding. 

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Adding a creative flair and positive energy, Stephanie brings a trove of talents to every event as our Event Coordinator. Stephanie immediately dives beyond the surface to create a truly personalized and memorable relationship with you. Her personal style translates into exciting ideas and always keeps things fresh and trendy!