Disc Jockeys

Our DJs music acumen includes today's contemporary charts as well as yesterday's classics. Most importantly, our goal is to read your dance floor. We don't arrive with a pre-programmed music playlist. Our DJs and staff will sit down with you at our office long before your event. A prepared DJ is a calm DJ and THAT is what you want at your event.

Should I hire a Band or DJ?

Have you ever been to an event where an awful transition was followed by a dance floor evacuation? A well versed, well trained entertainment company will transition music so seamlessly you and your guests won't realize the song has changed. Music matching and transitioning is critical in keeping the dance floor packed and keeping your guests engaged. Your guests might not remember the flavor of your cake or the centerpieces you spent hours deciding on, but they will remember the music experience they had at your reception.

What suits your personal taste? Does variety matter to you? What does your venue space allow?



Pro- The key to a truly artistic DJ; never knowing when the song changes. Higher end — include Emcees. The Disc Jockey should be able to read your crowd and deliver the best experience for you & your guests.

Variety- DJ's naturally have a large variety of music to choose from. They are able to provide a wide range of songs to suit all ears and ages. Flexibility is key; having the ability to choose any style from country to pop.

Budget- Entry $1,000 +

Personality- High energy (with an emcee), interactive. Make sure you’re working with an organization that understands music. DJ’s typically appeal to a younger crowd. Your DJ’s energy is EVERYTHING.

Space- If you are going with a small to medium venue you should have plenty of space for your DJ and their equipment.

Vibe- Contemporary and Popular

Con- Crappy DJ = Crappy Event. Do your research and read reviews.



Pro- They provide a live show for you and your guests

Variety- Most bands have a limited number of songs on their list. That's not a good or a bad thing. If you're working with a professional band, their list will include high energy music to get your audience moving. Most bands save their best songs for last.

Budget- Entry $2,500+

Personality- Bands maybe a fit for you if you appreciate oldies and classic hits. You have multiple band members and many personalities to keep people energized. Make sure you have a band with a lot of personality!

Space- You’ll need to think about how many members there are in an average size band. In addition think about how much space each instrument will take up including acoustics, piano, and drums. A small to medium sized venue may not have enough space for a three piece (plus) band.

Vibe- Traditional and Engaging

Con- It’s normal for band members to take breaks throughout the night. Just make sure the room doesn’t go silent and put a damper on the energy of the evening.

Most Bands and DJs perform at more than just weddings. If it’s an option you should check out a public event they are playing at. If you feel torn on a Band or DJ, keep in mind some weddings actually have both!